I offer seminars for learning Effective Communication and Relationship Building in several formats and lengths.

Weekend Seminars

The weekend seminars are an immersive and intensive experience into the skills. They go from 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and are the best way to get up to speed in effective communication and relationship building. These seminars are in three levels

Level I (Basic)

The Level I Seminar introduces communication and relationship building skills which help students effectively relate to people on many relationship levels — spouse, parent, child, friend, student, employer, employee, teacher — offering alternatives to conflicts and confrontations. Self-esteem is enhanced, trust grows, and relationships are enriched.

Level II (Continuation)

The Level II Seminar enhances and internalizes the skills introduced in the Level I and includes a brief review. Students learn how to assert needs, set limits, negotiate to agreement, diffuse criticism and will have the opportunity to practice and reinforce the new skills through role playing.

Level III (Advanced)

The Level III Seminar is for those who have completed Level I and II, and who may now work on personal issues and needs in roles, especially emphasizing areas of the skills they feel need work. Be prepared to work hard in skill-building, and in exploring issues and values! Also, you may now work together in roles if you wish, if you attend with your partner.

Other Seminars

I also offer shorter seminars of either 1/2 day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours). These can be on one of several topics, and can be customized for specific needs:

  • Introduction to Effective Communication and Relationship Building
  • Introduction to Effective Listening (Tracking)
  • Intermediate Tracking skills
  • Advanced Tracking skills
  • Expressing needs (Impact Statements): Introduction
  • Intermediate Impact Statements
  • Advanced Impact Statements
  • Negotiating to Agreement

List of Upcoming Seminars

Watch this space for dates and locations of upcoming seminars!

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