Effective Communication and Relationship Building

Arnold Buss, Ph.D.

Arnold Buss, Ph.D.

Problems erupt into stormy confrontations or end in emotional deadlocks.

  • You give in,
  • Give up,
  • Fight back,
  • Or walk away

How do you deal with problems

  • In your life
  • at home with your spouse or kids
  • at work with your co-workers or supervisors?

How do you talk to each other?
How do you listen?
How do you get your needs met?

There is an exciting alternative to conflicts that often seem to end in win, lose, or draw. Through effective communication and relationship building skills, you can learn how to achieve what you desire without futile struggle. Emotional deadlocks are comfortably eased away, and arguments and disagreements turn into positive challenges to be resolved.

You can learn to become clear in what you wish to confront; to become confident in making choices in your life; and to become more realistic in your expectations With your new skills and new way of relating, you will effect positive behavior changes in all your relationships.

You will learn to allow others the joy of changing to please you because they want to, not because you demand it. The skills are effective and benefit everyone in the relationship.. Even when only one knows the skills, everyone benefits from the interchange.

Remarkable results take place. The quality of your relationships grows and flourishes. Your new skills help foster a heightened sense of self-esteem in yourself and in those with whom you relate. Your new way of communicating and relating with others diminishes natural rebellion and encourages trust, especially in your children. All of your relationships become enhanced. Discussion replaces discord and closeness replaces crisis. All communication comes from the heart. Love and acceptance grow deeper and warmer.

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